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Parking at Chopin Airport 24H – open non-stop for our customers

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The parking lot at Chopin Airport – open non-stop for our customers

In the face of the dynamic increase in the popularity of air travel and the growing number of passengers at the airport. Fryderyk Chopin, one thing becomes clear – we need parking lots adapted to the needs in the immediate vicinity of Okęcie. That’s why we proudly present our offer, which will allow you to enjoy a comfortable and safe parking space, regardless of the time of day or night.

What should you consider when choosing a parking lot near Chopin Airport?

Choosing a parking lot at the airport is quite a challenge. Our offer guarantees peace and security and a number of additional, free amenities. Here are some of the most important reasons why you should choose the Near Airport parking lot:

Parking location at the airport – proximity that counts!

Our parking lot is located just a few minutes from the Aleja Krakowska 48/52 airport terminals. Forget about long drives
looking for a parking space. By choosing us, you gain time and peace of mind, so important when traveling.

Parking lot Warsaw Airport – absolute security

Your car is your valuable property. Our parking lot is monitored 24/7, lighted and fenced, so you can rest easy knowing that your vehicle is under constant protection. However, as the old saying goes, “Forewarned is always safe”, so we encourage customers to purchase additional insurance that protects the car against all unexpected events.

  Chopin Airport Parking - additional services included in the parking price

Chopin Airport Parking – booking flexibility and telephone service for your comfort

Variable travel plans? It’s not a problem with us! Thanks to the modern reservation system, you can freely modify your reservation, without stress and additional fees. Of course, the sooner you notify us about changes, the better.

The parking employee is available to customers regardless of the time of day or night – by phone, with Internet access +48 507 – 507 – 593 If necessary, we can make changes to the reservation on an ongoing basis.

Changes in flight schedule? We take care of them!

We understand that traveling can be unpredictable. Therefore, with us you don’t have to worry. We offer not only a safe place to leave your car, but also comprehensive service in emergency situations.

Picking up clients from the airport and delivering them to the airport

Regardless of the time, you can always count on us. We will pick you up from or take you to the airport, eliminating the stress of transportation. Don’t panic if your plane is delayed and lands in the morning – our driver will come pick you up immediately (we always ask customers to call immediately after landing).

Flight postponed? The Chopin Airport parking lot at Bliskolotniska guarantees the reservation of a parking space

Delayed or canceled flight? Don’t worry! Our team is prepared to flexibly adjust their plans to ensure that we can help you in any situation. Don’t cancel your booking if the flight date has changed – just call +48 507 – 507 – 593 and change the booking date to a convenient one, free of charge.

  Chopin Airport Parking - how long does the transfer to the airport and from Chopin Airport to our company's parking lot take?

When you book a parking space in our Near Airport parking lot, you can be sure that regardless of whether your flight is delayed or postponed, a parking space will always be waiting for you. You don’t have to worry – if there are any changes, just contact our customer service team and we will adjust your booking to the new plans.

Warsaw airport parking lot – Your comfort is our priority

In our company, you are the center of attention. Whether you are traveling at night or in the morning, our team will ensure your convenience and comfort. Our offer is a guarantee not only of the safety of your vehicle, but also of a peaceful journey, which begins from the moment you leave your car in our parking lot.

Trust us and focus on what really matters at the moment – a successful and carefree trip.

Don’t delay! Choose our parking lot at Chopin Airport and enjoy a stress-free journey today!

Warsaw Airport parking lot

Chopin Airport Parking – additional services included in the parking price
Chopin Airport Parking – how long does the transfer to the airport and from Chopin Airport to our company’s parking lot take?
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